silent sarang

Silent sarang  


“Hi jaejung, here we meet again” and the guy gave him a big smile.

Jaejung’s face got pale as if he just saw a ghost; with eyes wide open “I – I –I thought you were kidding when you said to changmin that you’re coming to yochun’s party!” 

“Why would I be kidding about something like this, I said I’m coming to the party and here I am” yunho grinned widely at jaejung.  “ you two know each other already?, I wanted to introduce yunho hyung to you jaejung, remember the friend who I was telling about who gets on my nerves sometimes?


“its him” yochun said while pointing at yunho, “yah..I’m right here you know” said yunho while pouting cutely at yochun causing jaejung to chuckle at the man who wasn’t behaving as his age shows. 

Everyone turned to the chuckling boy causing him to stop chuckling and lowered his head with a frown and a slight blush, which all of the others laugh at his adorable actions. Jaejung is the type of guy who is innocent and blushes at almost everything and reacts to different things in a way that attracts people’s attention. 

After that everyone had stopped laughing at jaejung, they continued introducing junsu to yochun and yunho and vice versa. Everyone shared a table and started enjoying their time together. As the evening went along yunho kept stealing glances at jaejung, he was wondering what on earth is the reason for him to not be able to stop starring at jaejung, it’s like his eyes are glued onto jaejung.

On the contrary jaejung was aware of yunho’s  glances at him which its making him blush, junsu noticed jaejung’s blush and asked him” hyung, are feeling hot?” junsu asked jaejung while putting his left hand on jaejung’s shoulder. Jaejung found what junsu has said a good excuse for his blushing cheeks and said “yeah, I feel a little hot, maybe because it’s too crowded here.”

“let’s go to the backyard, less people are there, and it’ll be cooler” yochun suggested and stood up waiting for jaejung to stand up too and go with him to his backyard. “it’ll be better than here” with that said jaejung stood up to go with yochun, but before he could take any step forward yunho interrupted him and said “ I’ll come with you guys”

“ok, let’s go “ yochun walked a head of them leading the way to his backyard, while jaejung frowned badly because he was so annoyed that yunho is coming with them, he actually wanted to get away from yunho but the problem is that yunho tagged along.

“why are you frowning like this” yunho asked jaejung once he noticed how he was frowning.

“eh? nothing I’m just feeling a bit giddy”

“ really don’t like crowded places, do you?”

“oh no, no that’s not it, I’m just a little tired that’s all“

“do you want to rest in my room instead of sitting in the backyard?”

“no yochun I’m not THAT tired ,once I breath a fresh air I’ll be fine”.  The three of them went into the backyard and sat on one of the garden benches next to each other making jaejung sit between them.

“so .. you never told me how did you two meet!” , “ oh, we met by chance in one of the meeting I had yesterday’s morning” 

“oh, I see “ yochun said while nodding.

“and I also met him again when I went to pick up changmin from the university” jaejung added.

“Wow, I was thinking that you guys should meet and how awkward it can get, you already know each other” 

{Back inside the mansion}  

Junsu and changmin were chatting the time off until they heard soft feminine voice “ hi changmin”

Both junsu and changmin turned their heads and got greeting by a beautiful girls face” oh, sohee , hi back to you”

Changmin was dazzled by her beauty that he forgot to introduce junsu to her, until he saw that her eyes darted toward junsu” oh … this is junsu, he’s jaejung’s hyung friend, and this is sohee my friend , we go to the same university but we’re not classmates” while he pointed at sohee.

“nice to meet you sohee”

“nice to meet you too junsu-ssi”

“Want to join us?” changmin asked the still standing sohee “sure” and she sat next to changming.

“ come you’re at this party?”

“oh..the host of the party is my brother’s best friend “

“you know yochun too!...he’s my brother’s best friend too!!. . . wait does jung yunho happens to be your brother??” changmin’s mind just started to function well allowing him to make the connection between jung yunho and jung sohee. 

“um..yeah jung yunho is my brother” sohee answered while giving changmin a ‘why you’re asking’ look.

“wow..what a small world we live in” he smiled at sohee.

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silent sarang

chapter 2


“W-what are you doing here?”

“Is this how you greet people?”


“yunho… name is jung yunho, the guy that you were starring at throughout the meeting we had earlier .” 

“ah…yeah ,about that I’m sorry I only did that because I was nervous ,and you happen to be my stress reliever.”

“oh really….I was your stress reliever?...i didn’t think that I can be that helpful” said yunho while smiling cheekily. 

“Please don’t think highly of yourself...My eyes spotted you randomly”. WEIRDO ,jaejung screamed in his head.

“awwe… you made me feel sad……anyway what are you doing here?”

Jaejung began to feel irritated by this guy called jung yunho, “Isn’t it obvious...I’m here to pick up my little brother, the same question goes to you?”   

“well me too…I’m here to pickup my sister,  

Don’t you think its destiny the fact that we met twice in one day? “  

“uh…I …..” jaejung stuttered because he didn’t how to reply to that kind of question.

Changmin came in the right time to interrupt his thinking and said “hyung… did you wait for too long?                        …oh who is this guy?”


“im jung yunho..nice to meet you”

“shim changmin, jaejung hyung’s cute brother” he said it with a peace sign. “hyung I didn’t know that you have a handsome friend, the only friend that you have is that Casanova park yochun.”

Jaejung stared intensely at  changmin and yelled ”CHANGMIN!!” .

“hyung is he the one you were suppose to introduce to me at yochun’s party?”

“no he’s…”,yunho interrupted jaejung and said ”yes I am”

Jaejung tried to object again and explain ”no he’s..” ,but he got interrupted again by yunho and said “you should be going ,changmin must be tired”. Jaejung tried to object for the third time “but…”, however there was no use because this time changmin interrupted him saying “yeah hyung… I had a very long day, let’s go, see you yunho hyung.” And before could jaejung say anything more yunho said” see you” and plastered a smile on his face.

“ufffff” jaejung drove away feeling pissed off  that yunho guy kept on cutting him off and didn’t give him a chance to explain to changmin that yunho isn’t his friend…,and that he’s a random guy who he met earlier .

{Back at yunho’s spot}… 

Why was I acting like that??!..., jeers yunho could you get any goofier!!...,wait..why did I sound happy knowing that I’m going to the same party as him, not to mention that we have a mutual friend that yochun boy?!.   Yunho was in a mix thought until he felt someone tabbing his shoulder; he looked up and saw his sister’s face giving him a questioning look, “what are you thinking about oppa?”

“ oh sohee..Nothing much, just thinking about my work, how is your day so far?”

“Same like everyday..The same boring routine”

“Not very interesting huh….., anyway lets go home”…

“Yep lets go oppa” with that said yohee got in the car with her brother yunho and head off to their home. 

Yunho is the typical guy who cares about the family and always put them first no matter what happens, he lives a decent live, he’s not the type to party all night and hit on girls. Yunho has 2 parents and a younger sister yohee, she’s in the same college as changmin, but she’s one year older than him. Yunho doesn’t live with his parents, once he graduated from college; he got his job which is working for his best friend yochun’s father’s company and got his own condo. He wanted to not depend on his parents anymore and that he should build himself by his own. Talking about yunho’s love life, he basically dated one girl before and wasn’t really interested in her, he just wanted to experience dating for once, he eventually broke up with her because he couldn’t take it anymore, he felt like he was faking his feeling for her, and from then and on he never showed any interest in any other girl.

{at yunho’s house}

“honey have dinner with us”

“ I can’t mom, I’m going out with yochun”

“ why don’t you call yochun and ask him to come and have dinner with us?”

“mom.., tonight is not the right time, I promise you some other time, ok?”

“fine, whatever you say”

“ok mom, I’m going now, oh and please remind sohee about the party tomorrow night at yochun’s place”

“ safely son”

“ok mom, see ya”

Yunho went home and got changed from his work clothes and wore his sweats clothes. Yunho would always meet up with siwon his friend at the local sports club to exercise; he always liked to be in a good shape ever since secondary school. Yochun would not come along because he’s not the type to exercise at all, he prefers to sit in his music room and compose. So yunho only left with siwon, and today yunho and siwon were suppose to meet an hour after work, and they’ll exercise for two hours, one hour at the sports club and the other hour walking along the beach, they like to breathe the fresh air.

“hey siwon hyung”

“hey yunho…, how was your day so far?”

“so far its good, how about you?”

” well, it’s good”

“ so hyung are going to yochun’s party with me?”

“yeah sure, I got nothing better to do anyway.”

“ok then, let’s start the exercising” with that said yunho and siwon got to working out.


{Later night at the club} 

“hey man..what’s up”

“Hey yochun, everything is good, how’s your preparation for the party?” 

“well everything going the way I exactly wanted it to be”

“good to know.., I can’t wait for the party to get started tomorrow” he said in a pretty much high and exciting note that sent yochun to a questioning look. “You never were this much excited about any party that my dad had set up before, I smell something fishy here”.

Yunho was caught off guard “ uh..n-nothing is fishy, I’m just excited that this is your first time ever to throw a party you know”

“yeah it is, I’m pretty much excited about it too” yochun smiled at yunho and yunho returned a smile with an eased mind ’weeoh thank god I wasn’t caught being excited for another reason.

Both guys stayed at the club and continued drinking for hours before both of them decides to end the night by midnight.


{Next day an hour before the party}


The day went like usual were everyone had to go to work or for some to college and did that same thing all over again.


“hyung 10 mins more and the show will be over”

“changming I don’t want to be late for the party”

“hyung just 10 mins please!!!!!!!!”

“No, you must change now, we’re also going to pick up junsu, remember the friend I wanted you to meet?”

“ufff ,ok, ok im going to change now” changmin snorted at jaejung after finally losing to him.

“GOOD BOY changmin” jae smiled satisfactory.  

“I’M NOT A DOG!!” changming yelled at jaejung as he was going upstairs to his room.

“ha ha ha” jaejung laughed out at the given comment, and went to his room as well to change for the party.

After both of them are done getting dressed for the party they went to junsu’s house and piched him up. Jaejung introduced junsu to changming in the car and drove to yochun’s house.

Junsu is jaejung’s friend since second grade, they were good friends until secondary school junsu’s family decided to move to Britain to have a better job for his father. Jaejung and junsu never broke the contact between each other. Junsu came back a month earlier but he never met any of jaejung’s relatives or friend, he was only hanging out with jaejung only because he’s a shy guy who doesn’t mingle well with others, that’s why jaejung asked him to come to the party with him and take the chance to meet people.

They reached yochun’s house and valley took their car and they went inside the house and got greeted by yochun “ yo jaejung, you look good baby” yochun will always talk to jaejung sweetly and everyone knows that his intentions are nothing but pure brotherly love. “hey yochun, thanks, you don’t look bad yourself, how are you?”

“Thanks, I’m good, I see that you have someone with you other than changmin, who’s he?”  he asked pointing at the already blushing from shyness junsu.

“oh…he’s my friend Kim junsu, I tagged him along to mingle with others”

“I’m park yochun the hostess of this party, nice to meet you junsu” he smiled at the blushing guy.

“Kim junsu, nice to meet you too” junsu lowered his head out of shyness. 

Out of the bloom

“Hi jaejung, here we meet again” and the guy gave him a big smile.




hope you enjoyed it ^^

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“Changmin ….. get up now,……….please I don’t want to be late for my meeting”

“ok..ok..I’m getting up ,no need to yell jaejung hyung”, changmin got up lazily from his bed and head to shower to start his new day fresh. He got dressed for college, and took a look at the watch that says 7:30 am, which means the time’s ticking. Changmin went downstairs and straight to their dining hoping to catch some breakfast before going to college, as his older brother jaejung is going to drop him off there.

Kim jaejung, who’s 23 year old, started working when he was on his 2nd year at college, not because he wanted to, but because it was a force of nature that made it this way. His stepfather shim junghoon passed away 2 years ago leaving jaejung no choice but to be the next hire of his successful company. In order for jaejung to become the president of the company, he has to go through massive training in order for him to be able to run the company. When Mr. Shim passed away he didn’t only leave the company for jaejung, he also left his son shim changmin under his care.

Jaejung was a lonely child until his mother got remarried to Mr. shim and got pregnant with changmin, jaejung was so happy that he promised to dedicate all his care for his little brother even before his stepfather died. Jaejung has always took care of changmin, but the care increased once their parents got divorced and his mom decided to move to France where her parents has been living there for the past 20 years. Jaejung’s mother wanted to take her kids with her but her ex husband refused because it’ll confuse their studies, so she agreed to let her kids stay and finish their studies in Korea. And from then and on jaejung and changmin are very close siblings who occupy’s a big part of each other’s lives.

“hyung..what’s for breakfast?”

“nothing special changming.. just eat some cereal with milk… we really don’t have time you know!”

“I don’t feel like eating cereal hyung…lets go I’ll find me something to eat in college.”

“Suit yourself..”  With that said both jaejung and changmin left the house and got in the car heading to their destination. 

Jaejung dropped changmin off at his college and went straight to the company; he had an early meeting planned for him that day. “hanbyul is the conference room ready for the meeting?” jaejung asked his secretary once he entered his office. “yes sir, and the guest are on their way here, they’ll arrive within minutes.”

“good to hear that, you can go first to the conference room and I’ll follow you after I drink my needed coffee first.”

“Ok sir..see you there” hanbyul went out of the room leaving jaejung sitting on his chair, head leaned back on the head supporter sipping his hot black coffee slowly, and murmuring to himself ”GOD….I’m so nervous” .

“Maybe because I didn’t sleep well last night planning for this deal…..AISH …whatever happens there’s no regret about it”

Jaejung left his office and headed for the conference room once he heard that the guests arrived and already waiting for him to come over. Jaejung reached the conference room and walked in while the black coffee is still under his holding. He stood in the middle of the conference table and bowed for the guest and began his presentation right away. Jaejung was too nervous to the point that he decided to focus his attention on any person who was in that room, his eyes settled randomly on one of the attending guest who sat across him, and jaejung kept going on with his presentation only focusing on that guy. Jaejung finished his presentation and the guest agreed on everything he said which means he got the deal done successfully.   

Once the meeting is over jaejung let his secretary to take over the details of the deal and went back to his office to finish his work for the day.

After hours of working hard jaejung looked up at the watch that showed 4pm which it’s time to pick changmin up.

“you should get going hanbyul, don’t stay late at the office ok?”….jaejung told his secretary as he was leaving his office . 

“ok sir..see you tomorrow”

“see you” ,jaejung left the company and headed straight to changmin’s college. He arrived there 15 minutes later as it’s not that far from the company. He waited in his convertible car which it was open at the time because the weather was nice and cloudy. 

“oh …….jaejung ssi!”

Jaejung lifted his face and saw someone that gave him a shock with jaw dropping down.


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after writing a few chapter and got myself a writer's block i decided to change the fanfic im writing to a yaoi one
and the reason for that is that i can expand alot and go further places in that category and i find my self keep going on while writing it

so my new fanfic named (silen sarang) as it means silent love

i'll update later with the first chapter....

fighting .. ^^
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I Love someone

the second chapter is up....................



Chapter 2

After finishing a long tiring and boring day at college jungmie started walking out with her best friends taehie and eunjae from their block and walking toward the parks since those three come to college and leave together in taehie’s car. As they were chatting happily about the stuff that happened during this day ,jungmie hit someone’s shoulder and that person turned around to see who hit him and yelled at her “you again!.......,what were you thinking about this time!” said sungmin with a smile on his face. 

When jungmie turned around to apologize she saw him, the same guy she bombed into earlier. When he yelled at her then smiled after the comment that he gave her, the only thing came out of her mouth was ”OH……!”. Then she got herself snap out of the shock that the same guy is standing in front of her. “Umm….sorry for bombing into you………..again”. Then suddenly out of nowhere the boy asked her “what’s your name?” 

Jungmie said “Ummm…”

“is it hard to answer such question?” he said it with a smile.

It wasn’t hard for her to answer the question, she was only feeling embarrassed for the fact that she’s talking with a guy while her friends are staring at her and giving her the’ whose the hell is he’ look.

“ my name is jungme,…lee jungmie” jungmie said.

“ wow ..weird name ..just like you” he said with a big smile painted on his face that made his friends look at him weirdly.

“I’m not weird!!!” she snapped back at him.

He giggled at her then said “anyway my name is park sungmin…..hope to see around tomorrow”.

He also added “don’t forget to thank me next time I see you,for preventing you from having a broken nose”. He smiled walking away with his friends toward their cars.

Jungmie stood there angry and pissed off at the way that sungmin guy was talking to her, then she realized that her friend were staring at her waiting to hear what the hell was going on. She said” fine… stop staring at me like that I’ll tell the whole story once we get in the car”.

After she told them everything, her friend taehie said” so that’s why you were late earlier”, her other friend eunjae commented out of nowhere” he’s cute when he smiles”. Both jungmie and taehie stared at eunjae for seconds trying to observe what just their friend said. Then both of them slapped her head”aww...”, “yah….wake up….where have you been to…” said jungmie, while taehie just shook her head and turned the car on and drove off.  

At the same time………..

“So….. Is she the one you were talking about earlier?” asked junho (one of sungmin’s best friends).

“yep…she’s the one………..what do you think of her?” asked sungmin.

“she seems clueless ……and cute”. Said sulkyong (finally spoke).

“I’m looking forward to seeing her tomorrow” said sungmin with a smile and drove off the car.

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I Love someone

ENJOY.....................................     ^^ 

Foreward: .... (just a little explanation about the charactors). 

Lee jung mie
: 19 year old college student, lives with her parents, her friends are (taehie and eunjae).

Ouk tae hie: 19 year old college student, lives with her older sister and her husband friends with (jungmie and eunjae)

Jung eun jae : 19 years old college student , lives with her father and yonger brother, friends with (jungmie and taehie).


Kim junho :19 year old college student, lives with his mother

Park sungmin : 19 year old college student , lives with his parents

Lee sul kyong  : 19 year old college student, lives with his parents.


Chapter 1

Jungmie POV:

I was extremely pissed off because of the fight I had earlier with my friend eunjae that I wasn’t looking in front of me. The glass door of the library opened and I felt myself bombing into something.

Jungmie” awwh ..What the ...”jungmie fell on her back and she was blaming herself for not looking at what’s in front of her. While she was in the middle of it a hand showed up in front of her face offering her a help.

She lifted her head up to see this hand belonged to whom; a boy was bending over her reaching out his hand to help her stand up. “You don’t feel like getting up?” the boy said looking down at jungmie. Jungmie was checking out the boy who’s standing in front her, short hair colored in light brown, big brown eyes that can easily make you drown into them and perfectly muscled arms. Then she snapped back to reality and took the boys hand and finally stood up. The boy looked at her and said:”obviously you were thinking about something else to the point that you didn’t see me coming in the same direction as you are.” Jungmie blushed as she took a step back and she said:”sorry, like you said I was thinking about something else, sorry “. She started walking passing by the boy and said:”I have to go now, my class is about to start, bye”. 

She had a class in the library and she got there 15 minutes late because of the little inccident that happened earlier. She came to the class thinking about what happened to her but once the lesson started she stopped all the thinking and was so focused on what the teacher was saying.

Sungmin POV:

Another boring day at college, I can skip the 1pm class and rest in the library. Reading a book is enough to kill some time of this boring day. I went through the shelves looking for a nice book to read and began reading. Minutes passed by “aishh..this book is boring, I’ll just walk around the campus”. He returned the book and started walking toward the door. While he was walking he spotted a girl who was walking toward the door with her head down not paying attention to the fact that she’s about to hit the door.

Sungmin ran toward the door thinking ‘she’ll have a broken nose if I don’t make it on time’, but he made it on time and opened the door for her. But she didn’t even realize that someone has opened the door for her. “thud..” a sound of the girl bombing into his body and falling on her back, he starred at he for a moment then he bend over and took out his hand for her to take it, but the girl didn’t take his hand.  

‘She’s not back to reality yet’ sungmin thought then he said: “you don’t feel like getting up?” . The finally snapped and realized what happened then took his hand to help her stand on her feet. The girl looked at him then sungmin said” obviously you were thinking about something else to the point that you didn’t see me coming in the same direction as you are.” Her face flushed n red then she replied “sorry, like you said I was thinking about something else, sorry “. The girl started walking and said” I have to go now, my class is about to start, bye”. I looked at her walking away from me “weirdo………………………… and interesting!”Sungmin said.

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I'm about to post something that i haven't done in a VERY long time... which is ...... TADDDDDDDAAA.......^^

my first time writing a story after 7 YEARS....that's long I KNOW

But enjoy reading ..................................and don't forget.........comments are love.....

here we GO.....................
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